Answering: Tell us about yourself interview question

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Tell us about yourself interview question. If you have been struggling with this question, read on.

It’s hard to find a more stressful question during a job interview. The funny thing is, this is usually the interviewer’s way of making you open up. Maybe it’s their attempt to get you to relax; maybe it’s their way of discovering your priorities, or perhaps they just want to see how well you can communicate verbally.

But when you’re sitting across the table from someone who is deciding whether you get a job or not, you don’t really care about the purpose of the question – you just know that you hate it. It’s too open-ended, and you never know quite what to cover – after all, at this point, your life experiences could be worthy of a really bad novel.

There is no single right way to answer this question, but you can be prepared. Here is exactly what you should cover when the question comes your way.

Speak to Who You Are Professionally

They have already read your resume, so reciting that back up is a big “no-no.” It is far better to begin with a quick statement about your profession and then move into a strength or quality you believe you have developed during your “time served” — one that you think is valuable to the company or organization.

Mention Your Past Experience Through a Story

The interviewer does not need to hear a laundry list of job titles. Here is where you can tell a story that shows the strength or quality that you just spoke to. Prepare your story ahead of time by thinking about positive experiences at your previous jobs: When were you praised? When did you succeed?

State Why You Are There

Why do you want this particular job? Remember, it’s not all about you. You’re there because you think you can be of value to them, not the other way round. How do your background and strengths meet a need they have?

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